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  1. CORPORATE - 20-07-2015

    KEDPlasma welcomes donors to its new Augsburg collection center

    Plasma collected in Germany is essential to Kedrion Biopharma’s European plasma-derived therapies

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  2. CORPORATE - 29-06-2015

    Humanitarian programme augments access to clotting factors in developing countries

    Kedrion helps the WISH project come true: Italian CNS[NM1] and the World Federation of Hemophilia sign agreement in London

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  3. CORPORATE - 19-02-2015

    Kedrion employees in the US volunteer to help others

    Leaving every place we visit a little better than when we arrived: this is Kedrion Cares

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  4. CORPORATE - 18-02-2015

    Licenses for RhoGAM® and MICRhoGAM® transferred to Kedrion

    This is a milestone in consolidating our portfolio of plasma-derived products

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