Welcome to Kedrion, where our commitment to excellence is not just a statement, but a way of doing business.

At the heart of our organization lie a set of core values that guide every decision, action, and interaction. Rather than declarations of intent, these principles are practical formulas for action. They form the foundation upon which we have built a culture of innovation, integrity, and collaboration. They are bonds that make us unique in the world.

Because together we are stronger

Unity flourishes when a profound sense of trust permeates among individuals: be they partners, colleagues, or customers. This trust serves as the linchpin for fostering a sharing attitude that unlocks the collective wealth potential within a group and transforms it into something truly extraordinary.

Because that is how we look after people

Diversity enriches us, each individual contributing a unique wealth of perspectives. Yet, in our shared quest for dignity, we stand as equals. Hence, respect becomes the fundamental standard of behavior within our company – a lens through which we perceive and engage with one another.

Moreover, it transcends observation; it becomes an act of feeling, an empathy that we consider a precious resource. We encourage everyone to nurture this empathy, aspiring to make the universally spoken language across Kedrion offices worldwide.

Because saving lives is a responsibility

The inherent mission in our work demands unwavering consistency. We go beyond mere adherence to rules; we hold ourselves accountable for our conduct. Striving to prevent errors, we consistently pursue the goal of transparency, ensuring that our actions align seamlessly with our mission.

Because the future counts on us

Sustainability, in our view, involves the ability to anticipate tomorrow’s events with confidence, achieved through impactful actions initiated today. We term this collective set of practices the “creation of shared value”.
Our commitment begins with a focus on enhancing the quality of life for our people and extends to the restoration of well-being to the communities in the regions we operate, both locally and globally.

Because innovation starts here

The innovation process demands a heightened capacity to respond swiftly to errors, unforeseen events, and uncertainties, without becoming immobilized by them.
Progress is then propelled by a unique mindset that blends ambition, curiosity, and the freedom to take initiative – an entrepreneurial attitude. For us, this amalgamation embodies courage, as it enables us to navigate challenges and propel innovation forward.

As you navigate through our website, you’ll find these values embedded in everything we do. They serve as the compass that guides us in delivering exceptional service, cultivating lasting relationships, and making a positive impact in the communities we serve for a long time.